Back in 1994, Rita embarked on her biggest, most memorable tour, “Great Love” (with a successful album under the same title).

In 2015 and in honor of its 20th anniversary, the show came to life once again, filling large scaled venues with tens
of thousands of joyful viewers.

The success of this tour supported the release of Rita’s new compilation, both a reminder of Rita’s longevity and the
love that the crowd has for her.

It’s hard to believe that Rita never released a “greatest hits” compilation.

However, 2015 marked 30 years to the beginning of her career and what better time to celebrate
her ongoing creation, charisma and talent? This 2CD compilation showcases the best of Rita’s songs,
with a new song and never before heard versions.

The compilation was launched with a very special performance on Rosh HaShana (the Jewish new year, 2015).